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Easter Gift Ideas 🐰

Easter Gift Ideas!

Cottontail Easter Baskets at Sea Bags Maine
18 North Street

Spring Decor at Rustic Marlin
Moving this month to 12 Central Square


Spring and Easter Decorating ideas at Beyond the Barn Boston
43 Market St

12 Piece Mushroom Set at Queen of Swords. Set is made from a wonderful blend of soft and natural textures, silicone tops, and wooden stems! The tops and bottoms are designed to pull apart so that you can swap, mix and match. This allows your little ones to learn in multiple ways, whether it be fine motor skills, counting, colors, and more!
24 North St

Easter basket treats at Red Balloon Toy Store! Jellycat bunnies, Klutz craft kits, Kendamas, Yomega yo-yos, Aaron’s Thinking Putty and LEGO sets all make great basket stuffers!
27 Central Square

Easter Basket Ideas for the Pups at Hot Diggity.
1 Central Square

Spring Outfit Styles at J.McLaughlin
39 Market St

Nature-Inspired Tablescapes for Memorable Gatherings at Queen of Swords. Learn to create dazzling tablescapes inspired by nature’s beauty with this essential guide to styling stunning tablescapes for any occasion. 
24 North St

Nora Fleming Canisters available at Fabvilla
39 Market St

Easter Cake Treats at Cupcake Charlie’s
11 Central Square

Butter Cream Chocolate Easter Eggs at Ghelfi’s Candies
22 Central Square

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