About Mashpee Commons by Design

Whether it’s the annual Halloween & Christmas parades that bring in the holiday spirit, or the farmer’s markets and local performances that attract visitors from across the region, Mashpee Commons is a special place for many.

The restaurants, shops, and residents that call the Commons home help make it a hub for community activities and economic development in Mashpee. We want to improve and grow Mashpee Commons so more great stories can be created.

But we stand at a crossroads in being able to expand the Commons in the way that Mashpee residents have come to know and love.

Mashpee’s current zoning regulations present many obstacles that make it challenging to continue to build this community asset.

As we work with town stakeholders to build the Mashpee Commons master plan, we want to hear your ideas for what Mashpee Commons needs in the future. What is it missing? What do you want to see in the parks, squares, and plazas? What would make the new neighborhoods expanding from Mashpee Commons great places too?

Mashpee Commons by Design is a community-based planning process that will collect the best ideas and incorporate them into our master plan.

Join us for our upcoming Tuesday Talks:

What are Tuesday Talks? – Mashpee Commons Public Visioning Workshops attracted hundreds of people who shared their ideas on what they imagine for the future of Mashpee Commons. Common themes emerged from the workshops and the Tuesday Talks will provide an opportunity to explore those themes further by facilitating a conversation with local and national subject matter experts.


Housing on the Cape – Tuesday, March 6, 6pm
Mashpee Commons Storefront located at 17 Market Street
What types of housing, unit sizes, prices, and characteristics could be provided in Mashpee Commons to best meet regional housing needs? Join us for a discussion of missing middle housing types, including apartments, townhouses, and cottages, and strategies for creating a mix of affordable, workforce, and market rate housing.

Infrastructure, Public Space, and Systems Planning – Tuesday, March 13, 6pm
Mashpee Public Library
Can Mashpee Commons play a central role in addressing complex regional
issues related to traffic, wastewater, and sustainability? Join us to discuss a more integrated and cross-disciplinary approach to regional issues and the role of the Cape Cod Commission’s Regional Policy Plan.

Creating a Stable Economic Base for Mashpee – Tuesday, March 27, 6pm
Mashpee Public Library
What is the best way to create community prosperity? Join us for a conversation with national and local thought leaders and hear what other communities are doing to maximize municipal return on investment and strengthen the local tax base.

Zoning to Meet the Needs of the Future – Tuesday, April 10, 6pm
Mashpee Public Library
Join us to learn how other communities are updating their zoning to allow for locally-inspired placemaking. Form-based approaches to zoning have enabled thriving neighborhoods, resulted in new parks and open space, and preserved the character that people love.

We know that the best ideas come when we open up the planning process to the public.

By incorporating your input, Mashpee Commons will continue to be a treasured community asset for generations to come.

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