“Solving the Friend Zone” is a new kind of Date-Night at Riddle

Posted on June 25th, 2018

Single and want to meet that special someone? In a relationship and want to meet more couple friends, or have that single friend that’s the third wheel every time? Solve all of these riddles at once during Riddle’s Solving the Friend Zone event on June 28th.

Solving the Friend Zone is an ‘un-singles’ night, where you can meet new people by solving your way out of one of Riddle’s challenging games with people you’ve just met. Upon arriving at Solving the Friend Zone, participants will be split into two groups – singles in one and couples in the other – and sent off to play separate games. Resulting in what promises to be a date unlike any you’ve ever been on before.

After the game, head over to Siena Italian Bar & Grill with your new buds to get to know each other better and talk about your game experience. The first round of drinks (beer or wine) and pizza are included in your ticket!

For more information, visit Riddle’s website or give them a ring at 508-648-7664.

More About Riddle:
Riddle is the first and only Escape-Room here on Cape Cod. An Escape Room (also known as Escape Game, Mystery Room) is a live action adventure game where players have 60 minutes to work together as a team to complete a mission by solving a series of puzzles, riddles and connecting clues. Located at 61 Market Street (near the Organic Market and Cape Cod Coffee), Riddle offers six different themed games for participants to choose from. Each of the six games has a unique theme with puzzles integrated into the story-line. Participants must use their wit, creativity, inquisitiveness, problem-solving skills and teamwork to successfully complete the mission.

Riddle is co-owned and created by Nicole Merriman and Ashley Carr, also co-owners of Hot Diggity.

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