Help us Design The Future of Mashpee Commons

Posted on September 8th, 2017

Job's Green

Hypothetical illustration of the Job’s Green, drawn by Mashpee Commons architect Randall Imai.

This past Wednesday at the Town of Mashpee’s Planning Board meeting, we announced Mashpee Commons by Designa series of forums, workshops, and charrettes planned to seek input from community members to help design the future of Mashpee Commons.

“It is well known that the best ideas are often derived from an open planning process that is inclusive of a community’s diverse spectrum of knowledge,” said Buff Chace, Managing General Partner of Mashpee Commons. “We’re excited to initiate Mashpee Commons by Design to hear the ideas of the community, and we look forward to incorporating those ideas and feedback into our master plan. This process will make Mashpee Commons a stronger community asset for generations to come.”

Mashpee Commons has been recognized both regionally and nationally as a model for community-based design, but current zoning within the Commons does not provide the flexibility required for the type of mixed-use neighborhoods that it has successfully delivered. For decades, Mashpee residents have enjoyed the Commons’ wonderful public spaces, community events, and its retail, dining, and residential experiences. As Mashpee Commons continues to work with the Town of Mashpee to seek more flexibility in its zoning, Mashpee Commons by Design will facilitate the process of designing a mixed-use neighborhood that will continue to serve Mashpee into the future.

“Mashpee Commons has long served as a hub for community activities, and they’ve been one of the largest contributors to economic development in the town and the region,” said Rodney Collins, Mashpee Town Manager. “The Town of Mashpee is excited to work with the Commons and the community to help design the future of the Commons. We know that its success will contribute to the success of Mashpee, and I commend the Mashpee Commons team for engaging in this community-centered planning process.”

The first Mashpee Commons by Design forum, titled “Creating Municipal Value Through Design”, is tentatively scheduled to take place in mid-October. Stay-tuned for more details.

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15 responses to “Help us Design The Future of Mashpee Commons”

  1. Erin edwards says:

    It’s missing a fun place for kids to play and families to enjoy! I.e. Pump and jump, billy beez!! You can only have so many bdays at gymport and that would be a HUGE money maker! Small kids can’t bowl and you would make a TON of money with a place set for kids and families! Big deficit on cape!

  2. Chad says:

    A live music venue in an existing bar or future business.

  3. Victor Saverino says:

    Possibly within Mashpee Commons a center featuring indoor rock climbing gymnasium, a café, etc.

    Several meeting rooms, a kitchen for cooking classes, dance studio, music classes and the like.

    New facilities should be LEED Platinum-certified structures using renewable energy.

  4. Nsn says:

    I love the idea of a central green area that could incorporate many of the ideas , similiar to Boston s greenway ?
    Regarding retail , personally I’d like to see a shop similar to Maxwells in Falmouth .
    Regarding dining , have always thought a Legal Seafood would work well .

  5. Alexis says:

    I think a nice area for kids to play and parents to enjoy. A nice play ground. I know we have heritage park but sometimes it’s nice to have a playground with in walking distance, especially during school hours when you can’t use the school playgrounds.

  6. Douglas Roberson says:

    I would like to see a pedestrian bridge or tunnel connecting the core area of Mashpee Commons with the plaza where Stop and Shop is located, for easy walking access, vehicle traffic flow, and safety. If it’s well done it could be attraction – planted with flowers, like the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls MA>.

  7. Judy says:

    I would love to see a decent steak house like Longhorn or out back that doesn’t charge an arm and leg for a meal , family friendly

  8. Karen says:

    I’m so impressed that you’re involving locals to help make the commons even better. I wish we had something like Mashpee Commons in Yarmouth! We have a new Dollar General and another adventure park is planned on 28. Seriously???

  9. Vms says:

    Incorporated green spaces in with the shopping areas instead of on the fringes. Also, and not sure if this is possible via the Commons (probably the town), a bike/ walking path through the rotary and connecting to the short one along 151.

  10. Lynn says:

    Mashpee commons is an amazing hub! I would love to see a dog friendly restaurant with outdoor seating near the green space. Everyone brings their dogs to socialize them anyway why not capitalize on it and sell the owners food and drinks with their dogs. I would also love to see a WATER FEATURE. A medium sized pond in Jobs Green with fountain or small water fall and seating around it as a destination to stroll after dinner or with coffee or ice cream. There is a beautiful fountain near Trevi but it’s all concrete and quite small. I adore the Commons and always bring my friends and family there. I live 5 minutes away!! Keep up the great work!! ?

  11. Margaux says:

    A dog park would be nice! A playground for kids and a communal green (yoga and other classes).

  12. Mary says:

    Having a local owned full breakfast restaurant that is reasonable. More than coffee and donuts. Only one in our area is the small place on the rotary.

  13. Would love to see a dog park.
    The commons is screaming for a breakfast/lunch place.
    I walk every morning and people are always asking where to go for breakfast. I tell them Moonakiss in Falmouth.

    Some sort of connection to Stop & Shop side. I believe it would help the other retail shops.

  14. food trucks and trailers are an exciting concept that that folks all over the country are embracing. Local restaurants and food establishments can modify their offerings for outside dining and choices. Everyone wins.

  15. liz says:

    A chocolate shop! And a green space to have a picnic or read in the sun.

    Also, more parking. More affordable housing/rentals would be nice.

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