Ducking out of the Cold this Winter? Travel Prepared with Kensington’s

Posted on January 30th, 2018

KensingtonsDreaming about a weekend getaway to a warmer climate? If you have travel plans in your near future, be sure to stop by Kensington’s here in Mashpee Commons. This locally owned travel boutique has everything you need to prepare for your trip. Whether it’s new luggage, RFID blocking wallets, international smartphone charging kits or a new watch, they have high-quality, stylish gear available in-store, some of which can be personalized. Kensington’s has also prepared a helpful ‘Traveler Tips & Checklist’ that you can and should consult before every trip. Check out some of the unique highlights that will help you to make the travel part of your trip a breeze:

Screenshot your boarding passes and email yourself confirmed travel itineraries and a scanned copy of your passport. That way, if you lose a paper boarding pass or can’t access wi-fi to get your paperless ticket, you’re covered and can still get where you’re going. Kensington’s offers stylish travel bags and wallets from Vera Bradley, Osgood Marley and others that can help you keep important documents close by and protected.

Pack in an orderly, organized manner to avoid checking extra bags or paying extra fees. The Eagle Creek Pack-It System is an innovative solution to help you keep your packing neat and compact to fit in as few bags as possible. Their Pack-It Cube sets allow you to compartmentalize your luggage in a space-efficient manner without wrinkling your clothes or having your dirty laundry stink up your duffel bag after a long trip. You will be amazed how much more you can fit in your luggage with Eagle Creek’s products, making packing less of an ordeal.

Download an airline’s app to track your luggage. This little-known feature of many airline mobile applications can be a huge help should your luggage be misplaced by the airline. Taking photos of your luggage and utilizing personalized, unique luggage tags can also help make your luggage easier to identify on the baggage carousel, or to help airline employees find a piece that has been lost. Kensington’s ‘Make it Personal Now’ laser engraving service is a stylish and functional accent to any leather luggage tag.

For more winter travel tips, download Kensington’s travel checklist or visit their website

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